Links in the PDF article version are coloured to improve screen readability and navigation. The links appear in pale grey when printing the document monochrome. In this case please use the PDF version optimized for black&white printout instead.

Some problems are reported when printing PDF documents from Acrobat Reader under Windows, especially for machines using PCL printer drivers instead of PostScript drivers. PCL (Printer Control Language) is the language of LaserJets and DeskJets (both produced by Hewlett Packard) and compatible laser printers, which are often referred to as non-PostScript printers. For a comprehensive troubleshooting guide for PDF printing issues, please refer to the Adobe Support Knowledgebase.

If the printed document happens to contain corrupted equations or text passages, it may help to choose "Postscript Level 1" instead of "Postscript Level 2" in printer options when printing from Acrobat Reader 4.0 or 5.0 under Windows.

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