For WINDOWS Users Having WinZip Available:

  1. Download the article. Please, note that WinZip is attempting to put all files into a single directory when it is extracting files automatically. But to get the article working the internal directory structure needs to be preserved.
  2. Extract the compressed html archive with the option "USE FOLDER NAMES" checkmarked in the "Extract" dialogue box of WinZip. Then the article content is extracted into a directory called <pubNo>/, including a subdirectory <pubNo>/images.
  3. To start the article open <pubNo>/index.html.


  1. Download the article.
  2. Unzip it using gunzip <pubNo>.html.tar.gz
  3. Extract it using tar -xvf <pubNo>.html.tar. The files are extracted into a subdirectory <pubNo>/, including a subdirectory <pubNo>/images.
  4. To start the article open <pubNo>/index.html.

For Those Using Unzipping Software Not Mentioned:

In any case it is important to preserve the internal directory structure of the HTML archive. Most programs allow for the preservation of directory trees, but you need to check whether it is by default or if it is a user-declared option only.

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