7.3 Movies

Movies (e.g. mpeg files) are supported as follows. A still from the movie has to be provided for the print versions of the article, while the movie itself will be linked from the online version of the article.

An example and the interface to include a movie in the article is shown below:

Watch/download Movie

Figure 4: mpeg-Movie (711 KB) An animation of the time evolution of the entropy in a core collapse supernova explosion. Visualization by Konstantinos Kifonidis. Movie taken from http://www.livingreviews.org/lrr-2003-4.
Figure 4Watch/download Movie is generated using the command sequence in exMovie.tex.
View File Download File
Note the wording of the caption text. The text given in the LATEX-source (Line 5) will be expanded to Still from a movie showing in the print versions (see 4Watch/download Movie), while only the word “Movie” together with some file format and size information is added in the online version.
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