9.2 References to Sections, Equations, Tables, and Figures

One can as well refer to a label embedded in an equation, table or figure as well as labels in the text, which refer to the section or subsection they are placed in: See Equation (1View Equation), Table 1 and Figure 1View Image in Section 8.1.
See Equation~(\ref{equation:momentum}),  
Table~\ref{table:fate_of_universe} and  
Figure~\ref{figure:movie} in  

Please avoid references to equations like that (1View Equation - 2View Equation), as we want to generate hyperlinks for every single reference. Instead use this form: (1View Equation, 2View Equation).

We would like the authors to use “catchy” reference labels like


rather than cryptic ones like


This helps the editorial staff if we want to double-check the reference links during the editing and converting process.

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