Flux Emergence (Theory)

Mark C. M. Cheung 
Lockheed Martin Solar & Astrophysics Laboratory
3251 Hanover St, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA.

Hiroaki Isobe 
Kwasan Observatory, Kyoto University
Yamashina, Kyoto 607-8471, Japan


Magnetic flux emergence from the solar convection zone into the overlying atmosphere is the driver of a diverse range of phenomena associated with solar activity. In this article, we introduce theoretical concepts central to the study of flux emergence and discuss how the inclusion of different physical effects (e.g., magnetic buoyancy, magnetoconvection, reconnection, magnetic twist, interaction with ambient field) in models impact the evolution of the emerging field and plasma.

Keywords: Flux emergence, Active regions, Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), Plasma physics, Reconnection, Radiative transfer, Convection

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