It is humbling to review the work that dedicated scientists have done on this subject, and it is a joy to be able to work in the same field with these insightful researchers. Many discussions with many people have helped to improve this paper, and an incomplete list of colleagues who have helped me follows below. Tom Ayres reviewed much of the discussion of the CO lines and provided crucial help on a first draft of that section. Jack Harvey provided many insightful comments on the entire paper, and important pointers to early work done in this field. Tilak Hewagama was kind enough to provide a copy of his dissertation containing measurements of the McMath–Pierce polarization at 12 318 nm. Don Jennings reviewed the discussion of the Mg i 12 318 nm line and provided comments. Harrison Jones provided a critical review and key suggestions for improving the section about He i 1083 nm. Jeff Kuhn reinforced the importance of molecular transitions and provided a summary of the 1991 eclipse experiments. Claude Plymate provided suggestions overall and specific comments on the CO section. Referee comments by D. M. Rabin and a second anonymous referee improved the content and the flow of this paper.

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