Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"Reconstruction and Prediction of Variations in the Open Solar Magnetic Flux and Interplanetary Conditions"
Mike Lockwood 

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1 A Brief History of Geomagnetism
1.1 Early observations
1.2 The growth of the global magnetometer network
1.3 The space age
2 Geomagnetic Indices
2.1 Standard geomagnetic indices
2.2 Specialist geomagnetic indices
2.3 Dependencies of the various indices on interplanetary parameters
3 The Long-Term Variability of Geomagnetic Activity
4 A Note on the Importance of Understanding the Provenance of Geomagnetic Data
5 Solar Wind Coupling Functions, the Importance of Averaging and Allowance for Data Gaps
6 Differences Between Range and Hourly Mean Geomagnetic Data and the Effect of Solar Wind Speed
7 Open Solar Flux, PFSS, and the Ulysses Result
7.1 Open solar flux
7.2 The potential field source surface (PFSS) method
7.3 Ulysses observations
7.4 Excess flux
7.5 The use of the modulus of the radial field
8 Regression Techniques
9 Reconstructions
9.1 Results for the near-Earth IMF
9.2 Results for the near-Earth solar wind speed
9.3 Results for the open solar flux
9.4 Discussion and uncertainty analysis
10 Comparison with Cosmogenic Isotopes
11 Models of Open Solar Flux Variation
12 The Future
12.1 Solar cycle 24 update 1: 20 April 2013
12.2 Solar Cycle 24 Update 2: 1 August 2013
13 Concluding Remarks
14 Acknowledgments