Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"Solar Modulation of Cosmic Rays"
Marius S. Potgieter 

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1 Introduction
2 The Global Heliosphere and its Main Features
2.1 Physical boundaries
2.2 Solar wind and heliospheric magnetic field
3 Cosmic Rays in the Heliosphere
3.1 Anomalous cosmic rays
3.2 Galactic cosmic rays
4 Solar Modulation Theory
4.1 Basic transport equation and theory
4.2 Basic diffusion coefficients
4.3 The drift coefficient
4.4 Gradient, curvature, and current sheet drifts
4.5 Aspects of diffusion and turbulence theory relevant to solar modulation
4.6 Development of numerical modulation models
4.7 Charge-sign dependent modulation
4.8 Main causes of the complete 11-year and 22-year solar modulation cycles
5 A Few Observational Highlights
5.1 The unusual solar minimum of 2007 – 2009
5.2 Samples from the inner heliosphere
5.3 Samples from the outer heliosphere
6 Constraints, Challenges, and Future Endeavours
7 Summary
8 Acknowledgements
Open References References