List of Tables

Table 1:
Approximate dates (in –BC/AD) of grand minima in reconstructed solar activity.
Table 2:
Approximate dates (in –BC/AD) of grand maxima in the SN-L series (after Usoskin et al., 2007).
Table 3:
A list of candidates for extreme SEP events found in different cosmogenic isotope records throughout the Holocene: approximate year, dataset used (Dye3 – McCracken et al. (2004); NGRIP – Berggren et al. (2009); IntCal09 – Reimer et al. (2009); GRIP – Yiou et al. (1997); Dome Fuji – Horiuchi et al. (2008); South Pole – Raisbeck et al. (1990); M12 – Miyake et al. (2012)), and the F30 fluence [cm–2]. Table after Usoskin and Kovaltsov (2012).
Table 4:
Estimates of 4π omni-directional integral (above 30 MeV) flux, f 30 in [cm2 s]–1, of solar energetic particles, obtained from different sources.