Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"The Sun’s Global Photospheric and Coronal Magnetic Fields: Observations and Models"
Duncan H. Mackay and Anthony R. Yeates 

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1 Introduction
2 Photospheric Magnetic Fields
2.1 Observations
2.2 Magnetic flux transport simulations
3 Coronal Magnetic Field Models
3.1 Potential field source surface models
3.2 Nonlinear force-free field models
3.3 Magnetohydrostatic models
3.4 Full magnetohydrodynamic models
4 Application of Magnetic Flux Transport and Coronal Models
4.1 Open flux
4.2 Coronal holes
4.3 Hemispheric pattern of solar filaments
4.4 Plasma emission
5 Conclusions
6 Acknowledgments
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