4 Application of Magnetic Flux Transport and Coronal Models

In this section, we survey the combined application of magnetic flux transport (Section 2.2) and coronal models (Section 3) to describe a number of phenomena on the Sun. These include the Sun’s open magnetic flux (Section 4.1), coronal holes (Section 4.2), and the hemispheric pattern of solar filaments (Section 4.3). Finally, the application of global MHD models to predict the plasma emission from the Sun is described in Section 4.4. It should be noted that when the magnetic flux transport and coronal models are combined, two distinct modeling techniques are applied, each of which have their own limitations. It is therefore important to consider how the limitations of each affect the results. In addition to this, some models also use observations as input. These observations also have many practical limitations related to calibration, resolution, instrumental effects and data reduction effects. It is currently beyond the scope of the present article to consider the full consequences of these combined uncertainties and limitations. However, all readers should keep this in mind when assessing results and outcomes. In each of the following sections a brief description of the main properties of each coronal phenomenon is first given, before discussing the application of the modeling techniques.

 4.1 Open flux
 4.2 Coronal holes
 4.3 Hemispheric pattern of solar filaments
 4.4 Plasma emission

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