4 Azimuth Ambiguity Removal and Consistency of Field Measurements

 4.1 How to derive vector magnetograms?
 4.2 Quantitative comparison of ambiguity removal algorithms
 4.3 Ambiguity removal algorithm
  4.3.1 Acute angle method
  4.3.2 Improved acute angle methods
  4.3.3 Magnetic pressure gradient
  4.3.4 Structure minimization method
  4.3.5 Non-potential magnetic field calculation method
  4.3.6 Pseudo-current method
  4.3.7 U. Hawai’i iterative method
  4.3.8 Minimum energy methods
 4.4 Summary of automatic methods
  4.4.1 Effects of noise and spatial resolution
  4.4.2 HAO AZAM method
  4.4.3 Ambiguity removal methods using additional observations
 4.5 Derived quantities, electric currents, and α
 4.6 Consistency criteria for force-free boundary conditions
 4.7 Preprocessing

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