Change Log

Fast-track revision published on 28 December 2012

One of the key features of Living Reviews is that its articles are kept up-to-date by their authors. Errata and fast-track revisions of important new research developments are added directly to the original review and marked throughout the article.

Global description:

Corrected Solwind values in Table 1 and added the references Dere et al. (1997), Hudson et al. (1995), and Vourlidas et al. (2012).

Changes in detail:

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Update Replaced erroneous Solwind values from Vourlidas et al. (2010, 2011b) with values from Howard et al. (1985).
Update Added paragraph on initial CME formation and references to Dere et al. (1997) and Vourlidas et al. (2012).
Update Revised two sentences and added reference to Hudson et al. (1995).
Update Removed sentence: “In fact such observations were part of the evidence concluding the Solar Flare Myth, evidence that had been accumulated with many datasets through the 1970s and 1980s.”
Update Revised sentence on “stealth CMEs”.