Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"Prominence Oscillations"
Iñigo Arregui and Ramón Oliver and José Luis Ballester 

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1 Prominences
2 Large Amplitude Oscillations
3 Small Amplitude Oscillations: Observational Aspects
3.1 Detection methods
3.2 Spectral indicators
3.3 Detected periods
3.4 Spatial distribution of oscillations
3.5 Wave damping and oscillation lifetime
3.6 Wavelength, phase speed, and group velocity
4 Theoretical Aspects of Small Amplitude Oscillations: Periods and Spatial Distribution
4.1 Oscillations of very simple prominence models
4.2 Oscillations of prominence slabs
4.3 Oscillations of line current models
4.4 Fine structure oscillations (infinitely long thread limit)
4.5 Fine structure oscillations (finite length threads)
5 Theoretical Aspects of Small Amplitude Oscillations: Damping Mechanisms
5.1 Damping of oscillations by thermal mechanisms
5.2 Damping of oscillations by ion-neutral collisions
5.3 Resonant damping of infinitely long thread oscillations
5.4 Resonant damping in partially ionized infinitely long threads
5.5 Resonant damping in partially ionized finite length threads
5.6 Damping by wave leakage
6 Prominence Seismology
6.1 Seismology of large amplitude prominence oscillations
6.2 Seismology of prominence slabs
6.3 Seismology of propagating transverse thread oscillations
6.4 Seismology of damped transverse thread oscillations
6.5 Seismology using period ratios of thread oscillations
6.6 Seismology of flowing and oscillating prominence threads
7 Open Issues
8 Acknowledgements
Open References References