Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"Observations of Cool-Star Magnetic Fields"
Ansgar Reiners 

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1 Introduction
2 Methodology of Magnetic Field Measurements
2.1 Zeeman effect
2.2 Broad band polarization
2.3 Indirect diagnostics
3 Magnetic Field Measurements in Cool Stars
3.1 Average magnetic fields from integrated light
3.2 Longitudinal fields and Zeeman Doppler maps from Stokes V
4 The Rotation–Magnetic Field–Activity Relation
4.1 The dynamo at very low masses
4.2 Magnetism and Hα activity
4.3 A posteriori knowledge about detectability of magnetic fields
5 Equipartition
6 Geometries of Stellar Magnetic Fields
7 Beyond Rotation
7.1 A scaling law for saturated planetary and stellar dynamos
7.2 Brown dwarfs
7.3 Fossil or dynamo fields in young low-mass stars
8 Summary
9 Acknowledgments
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