Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"Solar Flares: Magnetohydrodynamic Processes"
Kazunari Shibata and Tetsuya Magara 

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1 Introduction
2 Observational Features and Phenomenological Models
2.1 Long-durational-event (LDE) flares
2.2 Giant-arcade formation associated with filament eruption (or coronal mass ejection)
2.3 Impulsive flares
2.4 Transient brightenings and X-ray jets
2.5 Unified model for flares, microflares, and jets
2.6 Avalanche model and non-reconnection models
3 Energy Build-up
3.1 Emergence of magnetic field (flux emergence)
3.2 Magnetic structure
3.3 Magnetic helicity
4 Energy Release
4.1 Magnetic reconnection
4.2 Current-sheet formation
4.3 Modeling of energy-release processes
5 Energy Transport
5.1 Radiation
5.2 Mass ejection
5.3 Shock formation and heating
5.4 Wave propagation
5.5 Particle acceleration
6 Application to Stellar Flares
7 Concluding Remarks
8 Acknowledgements
Open References References