5 Energy Transport

The energy released by magnetic reconnection is transported in various ways, such as radiation, thermal conduction, mass ejection, wave propagation, and generation of high energy particles. The energy transporting process affects the solar atmosphere significantly, making the main phase of a flare rich with dynamic events such as shock formation, jet and plasmoid ejection, chromospheric evaporation, and acceleration of charged particles. In this section we explain these dynamic processes observed in a postflare phase.

 5.1 Radiation
 5.2 Mass ejection
  5.2.1 Reconnection jet
  5.2.2 Plasmoid ejection
 5.3 Shock formation and heating
  5.3.1 Slow shock
  5.3.2 Chromospheric evaporation
  5.3.3 Fast shock
 5.4 Wave propagation
 5.5 Particle acceleration

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