4 Energy Release

We here focus on magnetic reconnection, the central engine that enables the rapid release of the magnetic energy accumulated via the energy build-up process mentioned in the previous section. We first explain the basic physics of magnetic reconnection, and then discuss theoretical models which demonstrate how magnetic reconnection works to produce flares and flare-associated phenomena.

 4.1 Magnetic reconnection
  4.1.1 Basic models of magnetic reconnection
  4.1.2 Sweet–Parker model
  4.1.3 Petschek model
  4.1.4 Locally enhanced resistivity
  4.1.5 Tearing instability and fractal reconnection
  4.1.6 Plasmoid-induced reconnection
 4.2 Current-sheet formation
  4.2.1 Interaction of flux domains
  4.2.2 Development of magnetic shear in single flux domain
 4.3 Modeling of energy-release processes
  4.3.1 Bipolar system (single flux domain)
  4.3.2 Multi-polar system (two-step reconnection)

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