Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"Solar Stereoscopy and Tomography"
Markus J. Aschwanden  

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1 Introduction
2 History
2.1 Ground-based stereoscopy and tomography
2.2 Space-based stereoscopy and tomography
2.3 The STEREO mission
3 Stereoscopy and Tomography Methods
3.1 Solar-rotation stereoscopy
3.2 Solar-rotation tomography
3.3 Stereoscopic triangulation or tie-point method
3.4 Magnetic stereoscopy
3.5 Stereoscopic tomography and 3D forward-fitting
4 Stereoscopic and Tomographic Observations
4.1 3D reconstruction of the large-scale corona
4.2 Coronal streamers
4.3 Active regions
4.4 Coronal loops
4.5 MHD oscillations in coronal loops
4.6 MHD waves in coronal loops
4.7 Quiescent filaments and prominences
4.8 Erupting filaments and prominences
4.9 Bright points, jets, and plumes
4.10 Solar flares
4.11 CME source regions and EUV dimming
4.12 Global coronal waves
5 Summary
6 Acknowledgements
Open References References