Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"Magnetic Structure of Sunspots"
Juan M. Borrero and Kiyoshi Ichimoto  

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1 Introduction
1.1 Role of magnetic field in cosmic bodies
1.2 Discovery of sunspot’s magnetic field
1.3 Current tools to infer sunspot’s magnetic field
2 Global Magnetic Structure
2.1 As seen at constant τ-level
2.2 Vertical-τ variations
2.3 Is the sunspot magnetic field potential?
2.4 What is the plasma-β in sunspots?
2.5 Sunspots’ thermal brightness and thermal-magnetic relation
2.6 Twist and helicity in sunspots’ magnetic field
3 The Era of 0.1 – 0.5” Resolution: Small-Scale Magnetic Structures in Sunspots
3.1 Sunspot umbra and umbral dots
3.2 Sunspot penumbra and penumbral filaments
4 Acknowledgements
5 Appendix: Coordinate Transformation
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