4 Acknowledgements

The authors are very grateful to K.D. Leka and R.H. Cameron, as well as to two anonymous referees, for carefully reading the manuscript and their many suggestions that helped improve this paper. This work has made extensive use of Hinode/SOT data. Hinode is a Japanese mission developed and launched by ISAS/JAXA, collaborating with NAOJ as a domestic partner, NASA and STFC (UK) as international partners. Scientific operation of the Hinode mission is conducted by the Hinode science team organized at ISAS/JAXA. This team mainly consists of scientists from institutes in the partner countries. Support for the post-launch operation is provided by JAXA and NAOJ (Japan), STFC (U.K.), NASA, ESA, and NSC (Norway). This research has made use of NASA’s Astrophysics Data System. Finally, we would like to thank our colleagues and Astrophysical Journal, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Annual Reviews in Astronomy and Astrophysics, and Nature for granting us the rights to reproduce many previously published figures.

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