Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"Sunspot Modeling:
From Simplified Models to Radiative MHD Simulations"
Matthias Rempel and Rolf Schlichenmaier  

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1 Introduction
2 Global Sunspot Structure Revisited
2.1 Sunspot time scales
2.2 Sunspot darkness and energy transport
2.3 Subsurface morphology
2.4 Stability of monolithic models
3 Sunspot Fine Structure
3.1 Observations of umbral dots
3.2 Penumbral observations
3.3 Penumbral modeling
3.4 Description of idealized models
3.5 Idealized magneto-convection simulations
3.6 Radiative magneto-convection
3.7 Critical assessment of MHD simulations to date
4 Sunspot Formation and Evolution
4.1 Flux emergence in lower convection zone
4.2 Flux emergence in upper convection zone
4.3 Formation of a penumbra
4.4 Sunspot evolution past emergence process
4.5 Moat flows
5 Sunspot Models and Helioseismic Constraints
6 Summary and Conclusions
7 Acknowledgements
Open References References