3 Sunspot Fine Structure

Reviews on sunspot fine structure have been nicely presented recently by Tritschler (2009), Borrero (2009), and Bellot Rubio (2010Jump To The Next Citation Point).

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Figure 2: Maps of intensity, LOS velocity, and circular polarization of sunspot (12 Nov 2006, 𝜃 = 30°) from Fe i 630.2 nm taken with the spectropolarimeter SP attached to the SOT onboard Hinode (courtesy of M. Franz, KIS).
 3.1 Observations of umbral dots
 3.2 Penumbral observations
  3.2.1 Morphological description
  3.2.2 Evershed flow, uncombed magnetic field, and net circular polarization (NCP)
 3.3 Penumbral modeling
 3.4 Description of idealized models
  3.4.1 Convective models: field-free gap and convective rolls
  3.4.2 Flux tube models: stationary and dynamic
 3.5 Idealized magneto-convection simulations
 3.6 Radiative magneto-convection
  3.6.1 Numerical challenges
  3.6.2 Magneto-convective modeling of umbral dots
  3.6.3 Magneto-convective modeling of umbra/penumbra transition and sections of penumbrae
  3.6.4 Magneto-convective modeling of full sunspots
  3.6.5 Unified picture of magneto-convection
 3.7 Critical assessment of MHD simulations to date

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