5.3 Wavefront sensor and reconstructor processor unit

The DST AO76 uses a DSP system to perform all computations for sensing and reconstructing the wavefront. The processing unit (Figure 18View Image) is built from off-the-shelf components based on the ADSP-21160 SHARC DSP. Newer generation DSPs with much higher performance are of course available now. In addition, CPUs and GPUs in the meantime have enough processing power to perform the processing functions at the high update rates required and several solar AO systems currently operating use either a high-end PC (Shand et al., 1999; Scharmer et al., 2000Jump To The Next Citation Point, 2003Jump To The Next Citation Point) or high-end workstations (von der Lühe et al., 2003Jump To The Next Citation Point) to perform this function.
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Figure 18: Left: functional block diagram of AO76 DSP based real time control (RTC) system. Right: image of RTC (see Rimmele et al. (2004) for details).

The real time processing functions includes the following (see also Berkefeld, 2007Jump To The Next Citation Point):

The host computer serves as user interface and is not involved in any of the real time processing.

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