8.4 Systems under development

AO systems currently under development to upgrade existing solar telescopes include AO for the 60 cm Hida Observatory in Japan (Miura et al., 2008a, 2009, 2010, 2008b), AO at the CSUN, Northridge (Ren et al., 2009), and an AO upgrade of THEMIS, Tenerife. Themis is building a solar AO system with the goal to improve the output of the polarimetric spectro-imaging instruments that are being built and tested as part of the EST project. The system uses a 66 subaperture Shack–Hartmann (d = 9 cm) working at 1000 fps (goal: 1500 Hz), and a 59 actuator Micro Machined DM mirror from OKOTECH. Modal control is implemented on a low cost Intel Core 2 Quad core processor (López Ariste, 2010).
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