8.3 Adaptive optics for the infrared at the McMath–Pierce Telescope

Due to the increased Fried parameter in the infrared low cost AO systems specifically designed for the infrared are an option. A low-cost adaptive optics system with a 37 actuator electrostatic membrane deformable mirror and a fast tip/tilt mirror was developed for the 1.5 m McMath–Pierce main telescope (Keller et al., 2003) and has been operating for a number of years. The system uses a general purpose PC to accomplish all processing tasks. Up to 200 8 × 8 pixel subapertures can be processed at a 1 kHz rate. The number of subapertures does not seem to be well matched to the number of degrees of freedom on the DM, leaving room for upgrading the system to higher order. The system works on sunspots and pores and can also track on the solar limb.
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