6 AO76 System Performance and Wavefront Error Budget

Nothing is perfect! AO systems in general provide partial correction only. Residual wavefront errors from various sources prevent the AO system from providing the ideal telescope performance, i.e., the achieved Strehl is less than S = 1. In this context it should be emphasized that no optical system, whether on the ground or in space, provides the theoretically possible performance. The Solar Optical Telescope onboard the HINODE satellite achieves a Strehl of about S = 0.7 (Suematsu et al., 2007). How closely can ground-based solar telescopes with AO match this kind of performance? This question can be answered by developing a budget of the residual wavefront errors of the solar AO.

 6.1 Predicted performance based on error budget
  6.1.1 Wavefront fitting error
  6.1.2 Aliasing error
  6.1.3 Angular anisoplanatism error
  6.1.4 Bandwidth error
  6.1.5 Wavefront sensor measuring error
  6.1.6 Wavefront sensor anisoplanatism noise
  6.1.7 Non-common path error
  6.1.8 Tip/tilt error
  6.1.9 Total error
 6.2 Measured performance of AO
 6.3 Long exposure PSF estimation from AO telemetry
 6.4 Measured AO system performance

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