2 Adaptive Optics Basics

This section briefly summarizes the basic principles of AO. An extensive body of AO literature already exists and includes textbooks (Hardy, 1998Jump To The Next Citation Point; Roddier, 1999Jump To The Next Citation Point; Tyson, 2011Jump To The Next Citation Point), review articles (Beckers, 1993aJump To The Next Citation Point), and a large collection of conference and workshop proceedings. AO tutorials are also available at various web sites. The web site of the Center for Adaptive Optics (External Linkhttp://cfao.ucolick.org/) contains a large number of links to additional AO web sites and several AO tutorials. It is not the objective of this section to provide a comprehensive summary of AO concepts and principles, but to simply recall the important concepts and definitions and set the stage for the discussion of the solar AO specific problems and their solutions.

 2.1 Atmospheric turbulence
 2.2 Design of an AO system
 2.3 Solar AO challenges: difference between night and day

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