Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"Coronal Mass Ejections:
Models and Their Observational Basis"
P. F. Chen  

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1 Introduction
2 Observational Features
2.1 Morphology and mass
2.2 Angular width
2.3 Occurrence rate
2.4 Velocity and energy
2.5 Association with flares and filament eruptions
3 Theoretical Models
3.1 Basic principles
3.2 Global picture
3.3 Progenitor
3.4 Triggering mechanisms
3.5 Acceleration and propagation
4 Debates
4.1 Is magnetic reconnection necessary?
4.2 Should fast and slow CMEs be attributed to different models?
4.3 Nature and the driving source of “EIT waves”
4.4 What is the nature of CMEs?
4.5 Are halo CMEs special?
5 Summary
6 Acknowledgements
Open References References