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Major update published on 4 September 2010

One of the key features of Living Reviews is that its articles are kept up-to-date by their authors. A major update is considered a new publication. As such it is again subject to peer review and is issued with a new publication number.

Global description:

Besides updates relating to the literature published in the past five years (added about 60 new references), and reworking a few sections of the 2005 version, main major novelties compared to the 2005 version are: 1. Material on turbulent pumping, and its effect in various types of dynamo models (Käpylä et al., 2006; Guerrero and de Gouveia Dal Pino, 2008). 2. Expanded Section 4.9 on MHD numerical simulations of large-scale dynamo action. 3. Added Section 5.7 on dynamo model-based cycle prediction schemes. 4. Inclusion (and discussion of) animations directly in the text, as opposed to being grouped in a ressource archive, as in my original 2005 review. By appropriate deletions elsewhere in the review, I have managed to retain its overall length at nearly the same as the 2005 version.

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