4.6 Models based on buoyant instabilities of sheared magnetic layers

Dynamo models relying on the buoyant instability of magnetized layers have been presented in Thelen (2000bJump To The Next Citation Point), the layer being identified with the tachocline. Here also the resulting azimuthal electromotive force is parameterized as a mean-field-like α-effect, introduced into the standard α Ω dynamo equations. The model is nonlinear, in that it includes the magnetic backreaction on the large-scale, purely radial velocity shear within the layer. The analysis of Thelen (2000a) indicates that the α-effect is negative in the upper part of the shear layer. Cyclic solutions are found in substantial regions of parameter space, and, not surprisingly, the solutions exhibit migratory wave patterns compatible with the Parker–Yoshimura sign rule.

Representative solutions for this class of dynamo models can be examined in Thelen (2000bJump To The Next Citation Point). These models are not yet at the stage where they can be meaningfully compared with the solar cycle. They do have a number of attractive features, including their ability to operate in the strong field regime.

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