7 Acknowledgement

I wish to thank Jürg Beer, John Brooke, Mausumi Dikpati, Antonio Ferriz-Mas, Mihai Ghizaru, Gustavo Guerrero, David Hathaway, Mathieu Ossendrijver, Dário Passos, and Steve Tobias for providing data and/or graphical material for inclusion in this review; its original 2005 version also benefited from the constructive criticism of Peter Gilman and Michael Stix. At this point, usually all that would normally be left for me to do is to assure readers and colleagues that any error, omission or misrepresentation of their work is not intentional, and to offer general advanced apologies to all slighted. Here however, the organic format of Living Reviews allows actual amendments and additions. Please send your comments/suggestions/criticisms to the above e-mail address. And for this I offer advanced thanks to all future correspondents.

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