List of Tables

Table 1:
Numerical simulations dedicated to the study of mesogranulation to supergranulation scale dynamics. The “Type” entry specifies whether the simulations are idealised (I) Boussinesq (Bouss.), anelastic (Anel.) or polytropic (Poly.) simulations or realistic (R) simulations (Section 6.2). The box size and duration of simulations in Mm and solar hours (sh) or days are given for qualitative comparative purposes only, as these quantities are actual input parameters of the realistic simulations (and of the global simulations by DeRosa et al., 2002) but not of idealised simulations (only the aspect ratio and density stratification are). For local idealised simulations, the size and duration of the simulation in solar units is estimated empirically by setting the horizontal size of the “granules” visible in the upper 10% surface layers of the simulations to 1 Mm, their vertical extent to 150 km (the width of the entropy jump in realistic simulations; see, e.g., Stein and Nordlund, 1998) and the typical turnover time of the mesoscale cells described in Section 6.4.4 to 1 h (see corresponding discussions in Section 6.4.3).