6.1 154-day periodicity

A 154 day periodic signal was noted in gamma-ray flare activity seen from SMM by Rieger et al. (1984) for the time interval from 1980/02 to 1983/08. This signal was also found by Bai and Cliver (1990) in proton flares for both this interval and an earlier interval from 1958/01 to 1971/12. Ballester et al. (2002) found that this signal was also seen in the Mt. Wilson sunspot index for the 1980 – 1983 time frame. Lean (1990) analyzed the signal in the sunspot area data and found that it occurs in episodes around the epochs of sunspot cycle maxima and that its frequency drifts as well. A wavelet transform of the bandpass-limited (54 days period 2 years) daily sunspot numbers shown in the upper panel of Figure 36View Image is shown in Figure 37View Image with a horizontal red line indicating periods of 154 days. The strong signal in the early 1980s as well as other intermittent intervals is clearly evident in this plot.
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Figure 37: Morlet wavelet transform spectrum of the bandpass-limited daily International Sunspot Number. Increasing wavelet power is represented by colors from black through blue, green, and yellow to red. The Cone-Of-Influence is shown with the white curves. Periods of 154-days are indicated by the horizontal red line.

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