4.7 Period vs. amplitude

Significant relationships are also found between cycle periods and amplitudes. The most significant relationship is between a cycle period and the amplitude of the following cycle (Hathaway et al., 1994Jump To The Next Citation PointSolanki et al., 2002). This is illustrated in Figure 27View Image. The correlation is fairly strong (r = 0.68, r2 = 0.46) and significant at the 99% level. While there is also a negative correlation between a cycle period and its own amplitude the correlation is much weaker (r = 0.37, r2 = 0.14).
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Figure 27: The Amplitude–Period Effect. The period of a cycle (from minimum to minimum) plotted versus following cycle amplitude for International Sunspot Number data from cycles 1 to 22. This gives an inverse relationship between amplitude and period shown by the solid with Amplitude(n+1) = 380 – 2 × Period(n).

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