5 Dynamic Evolution of Emerging Flux Tubes in the Solar Convection Zone

 5.1 Results from thin flux tube simulations of emerging loops
  5.1.1 Latitude of flux emergence
  5.1.2 Active region tilts
  5.1.3 Morphological asymmetries of active regions
  5.1.4 Geometrical asymmetry of emerging loops and the asymmetric proper motions of active regions
  5.1.5 Other properties at the apex of the emerging loop
 5.2 Helioseismic probing of subsurface emerging flux
 5.3 Hemispheric trend of the twist in solar active regions
 5.4 On the minimum twist needed for maintaining cohesion of rising flux tubes in the solar convection zone
 5.5 A further constraint on the twist of subsurface emerging tubes: results from rotating spherical-shell simulations
 5.6 The rise of kink unstable magnetic flux tubes and the origin of delta-sunspots
 5.7 Buoyant flux tubes in a 3D stratified convective velocity field
  5.7.1 General considerations
  5.7.2 Simulations in a local Cartesian geometry without rotation
  5.7.3 Global rotating spherical-shell simulations

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