Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"Stellar Chromospheric Activity"
Jeffrey C. Hall  

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1 Introduction
2 Background and Definitions
2.1 What is a chromosphere?
2.2 What is activity?
2.3 What stars have chromospheres?
2.4 Going further
3 The Care and Feeding of a Chromosphere
3.1 Early theory and models of the chromosphere
3.2 Long-term observations of Ca ii H & K
3.3 From ground to space
3.4 Semi-empirical models
3.5 The high resolution chromosphere
3.6 The modern chromosphere
3.7 Going further
4 Chromospheric Activity
4.1 Synoptic observations and surveys of Ca ii H & K
4.2 Measuring chromospheric activity
4.3 The Vaughan–Preston Gap and the evolution of stellar dynamos
4.4 Basal heating of the chromosphere
4.5 Synoptic space-based observations
4.6 Sun-as-a-star observations
4.7 Chromospheric activity and brightness variations
4.8 Flat activity stars and the Maunder Minimum
4.9 Going further
5 A View to a Chromosphere
6 Acknowledgments
Open References References