List of Tables

Table 1:
Symbols and units used throughout the text.
Table 2:
The “Sun in Time” project: Relevant observations.
Table 3:
The “Sun in Time” samplea.
Table 4:
Integrated fluxes (in units of erg cm–2 s–1) of strong emission features normalized to a distance of 1 AU and the radius of a one solar mass star. UV and EUV fluxes of π1 UMa and 1 χ Ori have been averaged. Data for solar analogs are from Telleschi et al. (2005) and Ribas et al. (2005), and for TW Hya from Herczeg et al. (2002), Herczeg et al. (2004), Kastner et al. (2002), and Stelzer and Schmitt (2004); the radius of TW Hya is 1R⊙ and its distance is 56 pc, see Herczeg et al. (2004). Fluxes of TW Hya have not been corrected for (small) photoabsorption and extinction.
Table 5:
Parameters of the power-law fits to the measured integrated fluxes and individual line fluxes from MS solar analogsa (data from Telleschi et al. 2005 and Ribas et al. 2005). The parameters α and β are defined in Equation 17View Equation.
Table 6:
Enhancement factors of X-ray/EUV/XUV/FUV fluxes in solar historya.