Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"The Sun in Time: Activity and Environment"
Manuel Güdel  

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1 Introduction
2 What is a Solar-Like Star?
3 The Sun in Time
3.1 Goals of the “Sun in Time” project
3.2 Overview of stellar sample
4 The Solar Magnetic Field in Time
4.1 The young solar photosphere: Large, polar spots
4.2 Coronal structure of the young Sun
4.3 Activity cycles in the young Sun
5 Solar Radiation and Wind in Time
5.1 The solar wind in time
5.2 The solar spin in time
5.3 The ultraviolet Sun in time
5.4 The far-ultraviolet Sun in time
5.5 The extreme-ultraviolet and X-ray Sun in time
5.6 Putting it all together: The XUV Sun in time
5.7 The radio Sun in time
5.8 Coronal flares in time
5.9 The solar coronal composition in time
5.10 Summary: The young, active Sun
6 Further Back in Time: The Pre-Main Sequence Sun
6.1 Where was the cradle of the Sun?
6.2 New features in the pre-main sequence Sun
6.3 The T Tauri Sun
6.4 The protostellar Sun
6.5 The pre-main sequence Sun’s environment in time
6.6 The T Tauri Sun’s activity and meteoritics
6.7 Summary: The violent pre-main sequence Sun
7 The Solar System in Time: Solar Activity and Planetary Atmospheres
7.1 The Faint Young Sun Paradox: Greenhouse or deep freeze?
7.2 The Sun’s activity in the young solar system
7.3 Summary: The high-energy young solar system
8 Summary and Conclusions
9 Acknowledgements
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