6 Further Back in Time: The Pre-Main Sequence Sun

 6.1 Where was the cradle of the Sun?
 6.2 New features in the pre-main sequence Sun
  6.2.1 Evolutionary stages: Overview
  6.2.2 New features: Accretion, disks, and jets
  6.2.3 New emission properties: Solar-like or not?
 6.3 The T Tauri Sun
  6.3.1 The magnetic field of the T Tauri Sun
  6.3.2 The ultraviolet T Tauri Sun
  6.3.3 The X-ray T Tauri Sun in time
  6.3.4 Coronal excesses and deficits induced by activity?
  6.3.5 X-ray flaring of the T Tauri Sun
  6.3.6 The radio T Tauri Sun in time
  6.3.7 The composition of the T Tauri Sun’s corona
 6.4 The protostellar Sun
  6.4.1 Magnetic activity in the protostellar Sun
  6.4.2 Magnetic flaring of the protostellar Sun
  6.4.3 Radio emission from the protostellar Sun
 6.5 The pre-main sequence Sun’s environment in time
  6.5.1 Circumstellar disk ionization
  6.5.2 Circumstellar disk heating
  6.5.3 Observational evidence of disk irradiation
 6.6 The T Tauri Sun’s activity and meteoritics
 6.7 Summary: The violent pre-main sequence Sun

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