Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"The Sun and the Earth’s Climate"
Joanna D. Haigh  

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1 Introduction
2 Climate Records
2.1 Measurements and reconstructions
2.2 Solar signals in surface climate
2.3 Solar signals throughout the atmosphere
3 Earth Radiation Budget and Radiative Forcing of Climate Change
3.1 Earth radiation budget
3.2 Radiative forcing of climate change
4 Total Solar Irradiance
4.1 The Earth’s orbit around the Sun
4.2 Variations in total solar irradiance
5 Solar spectral irradiance
5.1 Absorption of solar spectral radiation by the atmosphere
5.2 Variability of solar spectral irradiance and heating rates
5.3 Stratospheric photochemistry
5.4 Solar cycle signal in stratospheric ozone
5.5 Impact of the stratosphere on solar radiative forcing of climate
6 Models and Mechanisms
6.1 Climate change in response to variations in total solar irradiance
6.2 Model studies of the influence of varying UV in the middle atmosphere
6.3 Dynamical mechanisms in the middle atmosphere
6.4 Model studies of the influence of varying solar UV on the troposphere
6.5 Coupling between the stratosphere and troposphere
7 Clouds
7.1 Clouds and the Earth radiative budget
7.2 Cloud formation
7.3 Atmospheric ionisation and cloud
8 Conclusions
Open References References