Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"Space Weather: Terrestrial Perspective"
Tuija Pulkkinen  

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1 Introduction
2 Solar Influence on Geospace
3 The Magnetosphere
3.1 Magnetospheric structure
3.2 Magnetospheric plasmas
3.3 Magnetospheric dynamics
4 Monitoring the Magnetosphere
4.1 Observations
4.2 Global MHD simulations
5 Solar Wind Energy Entry into the Magnetosphere
6 Reconnection in the Magnetotail
7 Space Weather in the Inner Magnetosphere
7.1 Time-variable electromagnetic fields
7.2 Storm-time ring current
7.3 Changes in the cold plasmasphere
7.4 Relativistic electron acceleration and losses
8 Space Weather Effects
8.1 Effects in the magnetosphere
8.2 Effects in the ionosphere
8.3 Effects in the atmosphere
8.4 Effects on ground
9 Space Weather Predictions
10 Concluding Remarks
11 Acknowledgements
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