Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"Space Weather: The Solar Perspective"
Rainer Schwenn  

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1 Introduction
2 The Solar Wind as Shaper of the Earth’s Environment
2.1 The solar wind as a two-state phenomenon
2.2 Solar wind in three dimensions
2.3 Solar wind and space weather
3 Radiation from Solar Flares
3.1 Some historical remarks
3.2 Soft X-rays from flares
3.3 EUV and visible light
3.4 Hard X-rays
3.5 Impulsive microwave bursts
3.6 Type IV radio bursts
3.7 Gamma-rays (and white light)
3.8 Type III radio bursts
3.9 Metric type II radio bursts
3.10 Kilometric type II radio bursts
3.11 Solar flares and space weather
4 Solar Energetic Particles (SEPs)
4.1 SEPs: protons and other ions
4.2 SEPs: electrons
4.3 SEPs: neutrons
4.4 The acceleration of SEPs
4.5 SEPs and space weather
5 Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs)
5.1 CME properties
5.2 Interplanetary counterparts of CMEs: ICMEs
5.3 CMEs, ICMEs, and space weather
6 Concluding Remarks
Open References References