3 Radiation from Solar Flares

Solar flares are certainly among the most dramatic and energetic fast processes in our solar system that we know of. The flashes of electromagnetic radiation released within seconds to minutes may cover a wavelength range of as much as 17 orders of magnitude: from kilometric radio waves through the infrared, visible and UV ranges down to X-rays and even Gamma-rays.

 3.1 Some historical remarks
 3.2 Soft X-rays from flares
 3.3 EUV and visible light
 3.4 Hard X-rays
 3.5 Impulsive microwave bursts
 3.6 Type IV radio bursts
 3.7 Gamma-rays (and white light)
 3.8 Type III radio bursts
 3.9 Metric type II radio bursts
 3.10 Kilometric type II radio bursts
 3.11 Solar flares and space weather

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