Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"Local Helioseismology"
Laurent Gizon and Aaron C. Birch  

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1 Outline
2 Observations of Solar Oscillations
2.1 Data for local helioseismology
2.2 Properties of solar oscillations
3 Models of Solar Oscillations
3.1 Linear waves
3.2 Wave excitation
3.3 Response to an impulsive source
3.4 The zero-order problem
3.5 Effects of small steady perturbations
3.6 Tests of Born approximation for sound speed and flow perturbations
3.7 Strong perturbations: magnetic tubes and sunspots
4 Methods of Local Helioseismology
4.1 Fourier–Hankel spectral method
4.2 Ring-diagram analysis
4.3 Time-distance helioseismology
4.4 Helioseismic holography
4.5 Direct modeling
5 Scientific Results from Local Helioseismology
5.1 Global scales
5.2 Active regions and sunspots
5.3 Supergranulation
6 Acknowledgements
Open References References