Living Reviews in Solar Physics

"Astrospheres and Solar-like Stellar Winds"
Brian E. Wood  

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1 Introduction
2 Background Material
2.1 The solar wind
2.2 The local interstellar medium
2.3 The structure of the heliosphere
3 Direct Wind Detection Techniques
4 Detecting Winds Through Astrospheric Absorption
4.1 Analyzing H I Lyman-alpha lines
4.2 Comparing heliospheric absorption with model predictions
4.3 Measuring stellar mass loss rates
5 Implications for the Sun and Solar System
5.1 Inferring the mass loss history of the Sun
5.2 Magnetic braking
5.3 The Faint Young Sun problem
5.4 Erosion of planetary atmospheres
6 Conclusions
7 Acknowledgements
Open References References