Fast-track revision published on 09 Feb 2007

Global description:

Sections 5.2 and 8.2 have been significantly rewritten to add new studies and results. Two new figures are added. Section 8.3 has been updated with recent calculations. 18 new references are included.

Changes in detail:

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Update Icon Section 5.2 has been significantly rewritten to add new results by Choudhuri and collaborators, Holder et al. and Tian et al. Figures 14View Image and 15View Image have been added.
Update Icon Section 8.2 has been rewritten to incorporate the series of new studies by Archontis et al., Galsgaard et al., Magara, and Isobe et al.
Update Icon New results from the calculation by Schüssler and Rempel (2005) on dynamic disconnection have been added to the end of Section 8.3.
Update Icon Small changes are made in Section 9 and in the abstract to reflect the revisions made above.